Friday, February 8, 2008

Art Avengers: Super Heroes of the Arts!

Early Friday morning was the start of the transformation of the Art Avenger Tent for Art Fest 2008. Amy Smith and myself dragged all of our foam wristbands, superhero masks, craft kit complete with glitter and scissors and decorations for the tent. Then it was time for the enormous white tent to become a super hero art lair. We prepared for the Super art avenger kids arrival for the festivities on Saturday and Sunday.
Hundreds of kids came pouring in throughout the days ready to make their transformation into their art super hero. Masks, super power wristbands and necklaces of fortitude were made by the kids at different stations. Although it was a brutally hot day, the kids managed to have a blast!
Amy Smith was the brain and heart behind the super hero madness. And the event went off without a hitch! Here are some photos of Art Fest 2008!

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